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Research Introduction

A dedication to inspiring and inducing reflex vomiting among the initiated has always been the hallmark of hohar laboratories. Medical science defines the vomit reflex thus: Contraction of the abdominal muscles with relaxation of the cardiac sphincter of the stomach and of the muscles of the throat elicited by a variety of stimuli. This is also called pharyngeal reflex. The operative component of this definition for purposes is, of course, the phrase ‘elicited by a variety of stimuli.’ It has been the experience of the hohar labs group members that the range of possible stimuli occasioning this effect is quite diverse, and, while generally pharyngeal reflex connotes a negative experience for the subject, in certain circumstances the proper stimuli precipitates a very desirable result. Whether regurgitation is effected via a burly bass line, a juicy shore break section, or a , visceral and guttural reaction remains our ultimate purpose. (see Disclaimer below)

For approximately the last two years, surf craft design and construction has been at the heart of hohar labs operations. A progression towards surf architecture was fairly inevitable, in that the relationships forming the foundations of the institution were forged in the intertidal, littoral, and sublittoral zones of the North Carolina coast. Further, surf architecture at its best, like good music and hohar’s other nonsensical pursuits, dwells at the juncture of intellect and emotion—the state and condition of mind necessary for hohar to accomplish its purposes.

The research projects documented herein represent the hohar's completed body of work. Other projects are pending at present, and as appropriate, the documented research will be updated. Any questions or comments concerning our research is properly directed to and addressed in our .


Disclaimer: For clarity’s sake and so the small minded among you are not perplexed or offended, hohar labs does not advocate bulimia or self induced vomiting. Rather, we are referring to more of a metaphysical experience wherein one encounters stimuli of such gravity that they feel the vague urge to throw up. If this concept repulses or bothers you, we would suggest that you employ the back arrow in your web browser at this time and explore the cornucopia of other resources available on the world wide web which might be better suited to your temperament. Alternatively, you could just bypass that whole thing and proceed straight to the end of the internet. If you simply find yourself confused, I would prescribe the following course of conduct: First, visit your local independent record store and purchase Hot Water Music’s Forever and Counting; Second, listen to this album in its entirety; Third, obtain copies of the feature films North Shore, Big Wednesday, and Braveheart; Fourth, watch these feature films in immediate succession while consuming Tostitos brand corn chips along with Tostitos brand queso dip. If confusion persists, I would encourage you to spend some time reviewing and contributing to the hohar labs forum, wherein all things will ultimately be made apparent.