Dec 29, 2006:  'Tis the season and the holidays have been in full celebration here at the labs.  Notable is the fact that the hohar labs PI's recently became less spatially resolved.  The lack of resolution proved productive: fine tuning of the labs' research foci and a roadmap for the upcoming calendar year were proposed; highly intellectual discussions on the topics of resins, monomers, catalysts, epoxides, sidechains, and amines transpired; were sought after; visitation rights were granted by ; and most importantly, photog seshes were had of the new goods currently in production at the labs (check back for updates).  Also, a reunion with former outer banks/wilmington king, Bobby The Shark, aided in the rememberance of the old days as well as fellowship catch-up.  During this meeting, we stumbled upon fellow washingtonian, Frank Johnston, who now lives in wilmington where he is better known as The Ding King.  Please contact him for all your ding repair needs.  He is happy to give quotes on the spot and can usually guarantee successful ding repairs within a week.

Dec 12, 2006:  Ryan has just returned from a solo recon mission where he met with travel liaison and west coast Team Astrohar affiliate (aka, freelance fish assassin), Allan Cheateaux.  The trip was extremely productive, and the Brothers Cheateaux were great hosts.  for a detailed account of the proceedings of this highly intellectual meeting.


Dec 7, 2006:  we apologize for the lack of updates in the news section, however, given said lull, we have a plethora of updating to accomplish.  As of this week, is no longer a padawan learner.  Confirmed reports from reliable sources indicate that he is anxious to cut his rat tail and join the dark side.  Also, , , and are currently shaping maniacs.  be sure to check their projects in the forum.  while you're there, don't forget to check up on hunter's latest on .

Oct 26, 2006:  hohar laboratories would like to announce the addition of a new member to Team Astrohar!  Check the for Allan B. Cheateaux.  allan is a fine craftsman of surf architectures from the West Coast.  see a couple of his projects on the sway forum.  his expertise will also be on tap at the .  we would like to thank all of you for your continued application for Team Astrohar.  keep the applications coming; we are still in the process of sifting through all the talent.

Allan B. Cheateaux
aka  "freelance fish assassin"

Oct 14, 2006:  hohar laboratories would like to clarify that it is in no way involved with any alleged nuclear or "nucular" testing in N. Korea or in any of its domestic labs.  thanks for your concerns.

Aug 29, 2006:  the hohar laboraties html testing sequence is now complete.  public world wide web interface has commenced.

Aug 13, 2006: 
hohar laboratories would like to announce the initiation of project ava marie broadwell.  she got an early start today with hopes of making dawn patrol.

May, 2006: 
hohar laboratories is now available in hypertext markup language!  please feel free to use your favorite hypertext transfer protocol to peruse what we have so graciously provided here for the public internet community.  we would like to take this opportunity to kindly suggest trying out mozilla firefox if you are in need of a browser.  our site looks quite strapping all marked up in this browser, especially when viewing in a window size set to around 900 pixels wide.  we wish you happy viewing and hope that this is the start of a grand, fullfilling relationship.