Dec 31, 2006  on the last day of 2006, we'd like to publicly acknowledge the presence of another tidbit of press.  has uncovered a plot to defame the labs through the .  harBot was particularly flustered by this event.  channeling this anger, he was able to become the most powerful labBot ever, and thus, he turned these swaylockers into evil star wars action figures and roasted them on a rotesserie ().  we at the labs understand all this negativity.  however, we hope that one day the masses will become one with the mission here at the labs.  here's to the generation of positive press in 2007!  happy new year to all of you!

Oct 26, 2006  not all press has to be good press, right?  well, we're not here to try to fool anyone.  we strive to report all instances of press about the ongoings at the lab.  the labBots are constantly combing all internet sites looking for anything that may appear in electronic form.  harBot was particularly disturbed by this file that was found at an un-named source (un-named probably because labBots "".  our advice to you:  be careful of what you say about labBots.

Aug 30, 2006  after site launch on Aug 29, we have exciting press to report!  hohar laboratories has been featured in nightzombie's at .  DON'T SLEEP!